Pokémon Go "Team Mystic" Affiliation Decals

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Okay, this one's kind of strange. I designed a set of stickers for Pokemon Go players. Each set contains one big, two medium, and four small stickers. Small ones are perfect for a cell phone. (That's an iPhone 6s in the photo.) Big ones are ideal for a laptop. My manufacturer started printing them, but the black background was showing little flecks, so she stopped after printing the Team Mystic (yellow) ones, and I redesigned the labels to cut back on how much black there was. 

She printed the whole series for me, and put them in an envelope in the front office. When I went to pick them up a couple days later, they'd vanished. 

So all I have are the slightly imperfect first-pass Team Mystic labels. I know, it's the least popular team. Tough. It's my team, so neener. As usual with Improbable Objects, the labels are not your typical label. These have a special anti-scratch clear coat to help them hold up longer against rubbing and scraping, and are printed on a very thin plastic substrate so they won't snag like most stickers tend to do. Finally, the adhesive is high-quality outdoor-grade sticky stuff to make sure the label stays put. 

Large sticker: 3.5" (85mm)
Medium stickers: 1.75" (43mm)
Small stickers: 7/8" (11mm)
Originally planned to sell for $9.95, but marked down because of the occasional white flecks.