Stark Industries Asset Tag (Ironman)

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One of the perks of working for a high-tech company is getting to use company equipment. The downside is that they tend to put labels on it so they can keep track of their stuff. Still, if you're working in the Cybernetics group (or the Advanced Energy research department) for Stark Industries, you've probably got plenty of other perks to make up for having to have your gear dressed up in barcoded asset tags. Sure, your laptop, video camera, and laser handgun are company-owned, but I'll bet people would be surprised to discover that your skateboard, desk, tablet, and smartphone were also company-provided freebies. Who knew?

Each asset tag is uniquely serial numbered, and is printed on durable vinyl with an aggressive adhesive. Once it's in place, it's only coming off if you're very careful and take it nice and slow. Maybe. The printing is UV-resistant waterproof soy-based inks. (In fact, it's the same printing system used to make the graphics that you see wrapped around city busses.)

Each label is approximately two inches wide and one inch tall. Note that like most of Improbable Objects' labels, these are limited editions, and the yellow Cybernetics is just about sold out. Once they're gone, people ordering Cybernetics asset tags will get a label from the new red series.