Game Labels for Avalon Hill's "History of the World"

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Avalon Hill's "History of the World" game is a massive game with platoons of figures, and sorting out your little people takes quite a bit of time at the start of every game. Another important part of the game that's rather hard to keep track of is remembering where upcoming civilizations might appear. If you're down to your last few units, it's exasperating to claw your way into a territory, then be knocked out of there in the next epoch because another civilization happens to appear there. If only you'd known (or remembered), you could have gone somewhere else, and at least made them fight you to get you off the board.

This set of 718(!) labels helps deal with all of that. Hundreds of precision die-cut ovals are marked with the Roman numeral for a unit's epoch, each framed with a distinct border that also reflects the epoch number. Epoch I is in a circle (one side); Epoch III, a triangle; Epoch IV, a hexagon, and so forth.

There are also labels provided to be applied to the game board: white numerals on a black background are used to label lands where major civilizations might appear. Black numerals on a white background indicate where Minor Empires and Kingdoms might pop up, depending on which cards are dealt out from the Event Deck.

Spend more time playing and less time sorting pieces with with this game accessory.