Wayne Technologies Parking Decal (Batman)

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Could it be you're moonlighting in Gotham City's most prestigious tech company? And what kinds of vehicles are you busy helping to develop? How unfortunate that it's all so hush-hush. But you can't hide the fact that you're authorized to park your car in the underground garage.

Each parking decal is uniquely serial numbered, and is printed on special static cling vinyl, so it can be removed or repositioned as often as you like. The printing is done with fade-resistant waterproof soy-based inks, and designed and printed in the USA.

Each label is approximately two inches tall and three inches wide.

Why not bigger? Because I'm trying to make these look utterly real: so convincing that the first time your friends see it, they won't even notice them. It's on the second glance that they'll figure out what's going on and possibly have soda come out their nose. Alas, most parking decals are even smaller and plainer than my improbable ones.

[Special note: this design was added to my catalog after one of my customers requested it.]