Portal Patrol Vehicle (Ingress)

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Next time you're out at 3am and some stranger comes over to find out what you're up to, they might say "Oh, Ingress!" before they get close enough to hear your phone make that "brrrzwhrpwhrpwhrip" that says you just hacked a portal. At least, they might if you've given them a clue by having this snazzy-looking Portal Patrol Vehicle decal in your car window.

The PPV sticker is non-sectarian,  good for Enlightened and Resistance alike. I know, it looks smurfy, but that's the official Ingress logo color. 

These window stickers are printed on special static cling vinyl, so they can be removed or repositioned as often as you like. The printing is done with fade-resistant waterproof soy-based inks.

Each label is approximately 4 inches wide and 2 inches tall.