Tabletop Sudoku Board

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If you or someone you know is an avid Sudoku fan, then you've come to the right place. This acrylic Sudoku board is a gorgeous way to indulge your hobby. The board is 11 inches square (28cm), and photos cannot do it justice. Take it on trips (it disassembles) or leave it out on the coffee table for company to enjoy. The large size also makes it outstanding for two or more people to work on a puzzle at the same time.

Naturally, the numbers are PennyGems, tokens unlike any other. The brushed metallic finish shimmers and gleams like a rare jewel. The saturated colors make it much easier to check your work; picking out all the purple is quite a bit easier than spotting the 6s while ignoring the 9s. The 3/4" (19mm) tokens also have a satisfying heft, and are nearly indestructible. The tokens included with this board were designed specifically for playing sudoku.

Each token features a solid color background on one side, and a circular inner border on the other. You can use that distinction as you like. You might use one side for the original puzzle and the other for your deductions, which lets you very quickly reset the board. Or, use the alternative side to denote numbers that are not in a particular slot. Use them to identify a guess, or a test value. It's up to you. 

The board itself breaks apart into four pieces for easy shipping and storage, and is just thick enough (3mm, about 1/8") to neatly capture the PennyGems. Nevertheless, extracting the tokens is very simple. Push down on one edge and the flying-saucer-shaped PennyGem squirts out of the hole like a watermelon seed.

While you're working a puzzle, keep the tokens neatly organized in their acrylic racks, which also let you quickly identify how many of a particular number still need to be placed. If you want to set up your rack as shown in the photos, you'll find the tray feet interlock to make the combined tray quite stable.

What you get: four board pieces, three rack plates, three pairs of rack feet, 81 PennyGem labels which will make 9 each of the tokens 1 through 9, 100 pennies (you only need 90, but it's a lot easier to send 100), and an instruction sheet with details on how to assemble the PennyGems and racks and a couple of Sudoku puzzles to get you started.

There simply isn't any way to convey how luxurious this set looks in person, or how sensuous and satisfying the tokens feel to the touch. If you don't find that Sudoku for PennyGems is even better than you expected, you may return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

If you just want the specialized PennyGems (maybe you already have the board, but you lost the tokens during a move, for example), the two-sheet set of labels is available separately at the normal PennyGem price.