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Many years ago, some friends of mine created a little role-playing publishing company. The first product was a really well-crafted set of rules for adding gods and other divine beings into a role-playing campaign. The book was called "The Primal Order," and I was tapped to help write it. 

Two years later, the fourth book in the series, "Chessboards: The Planes of Possibility" was published. It was specifically about all the different ways you could incorporate multiple planes into a campaign, and I was the sole author of that work. 

It appeared for the first time at GenCon in 1993. However, this little company had another new product launching that year as well, and I'm afraid my book was overlooked in all the hubbub. 

The company was called Wizards of the Coast, and our other big product launch that year was a card game called Magic: the Gathering. 

Years later, I was lucky enough to rescue the last remaining copies of the book from imminent shredding. Although part of the Primal Order series, it can stand alone as well. Currently, besides my own book, I do have an extremely limited number of the other books in the series as well. 

The Primal Order (out of stock)

The book that started it all. I'd tell you more but, since I don't have any left, doesn't seem like it'd do much good. 

Pawns: The Opening Move

Even in divine games of chess, the action begins with a clash of pawns. In Pawns: The Opening Move, the first supporting product for The Primal Order, you will find a collection of powerful minions, monsters, and other entities waiting to help you add some extra excitement and challenge to your game world. Whether you're searching for divine servants to intercede between your PCs and their distant deities, mighty beasts to defy even your strongest party, or just a few fascinating creatures for your adventurers to glimpse and wonder about, you need look no further.

Knights: Strategies In Motion

Everyone who's read The Primal Order knows that deities need to build strong religions. In Knights: Strategies in Motion, you'll see how three fictional deities approached this task. For those interested In the mortal side of things, there are notes on worshiper lifestyles, sacraments, duties of priesthood, and more. On the divine end, Knights explores the personality, background, abilities, and responsibilities of the various divine beings in each religious hierarchy. Whether you want some ready-made religions, a source of ideas, or just a few examples to follow, your search is over

Chessboards: The Planes of Possibility

One of the best parts of roleplaying is the opportunity to explore strange, new worlds. Now Chessboards: Planes of Possibility provides gamernasters with the first organized, flexible system for designing and evolving game environments. This fun-to-read book covers such topics as the various types of planes and their relationships, planar growth cycles, ways to planes, and several varieties of interplanar travel. For those using The Primal Order, it also includes expanded guidelines on planar use of primal energy, planar artifacts, and advanced interactions between planes and deities. Five sample metaplanes provide inspiration and illustrate important concepts. Usable with any roleplaying system, this reference work will give GMs the tools they need to create exciting new planes, run multiple settings in one campaign, or link several campaigns into one logically organized multiverse.

Dragon Magazine's review rated it 5 out of  6. If you'd like your copy autographed or inscribed in some way, just let me know.