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Relative P/T

There are over 1,000 Magic: The Gathering cards that tell you to "Put a +1/+1 token" on something. At long last: an actual +1/+1 token! Of course, since it's a PennyGem, it's a practically perfect +1/+1 token.

One "Relative P/T" (power/toughness) sheet gives you: 16 counters with "+1/+1" on one side and "-1/-1" on the other; 2 counters with "+1/0" on one side and "0/+1" on the other; and one counter with "0/-1" on one side and "-1/0" on the other. Don't worry, you don't have to buy a whole extra sheet if you need to give a creature +0/+3; just stack a 0/+1 counter on two of the +1/+1 counters to make a stack of 3 counters with the 0/+1 on top.

Jumbo Relative P/T

Got a deck that boosts your army a lot more than that? You might want to supplement your PennyGem collection with the Relative P/T JumboGems. You get four +5/+5:-5/-5 tokens, and four +10/+10:+20/+20 tokens, for when your deck summons Godzilla to combat.

Multipurpose Magic Tokens

The special collection of PennyGems for Magic: The Gathering* continues with tokens for Poison, Time, Charge, and Prickles. The Poison counters co-ordinate beautifully with the Mana counters. The other three tokens are more abstract, so they can be used to track all the other things that you sometimes need to track on Magic cards. If you're tracking 'delay,' 'doom,' 'growth,' 'healing,' 'hunger,' 'sleep,' or 'study,' you might use the blue Time counters. If you're marking 'charge,' 'credit,' 'currency,' 'death,' 'despair,' or 'energy,' throw some orange Charge counters onto the card, or the green Prickles; whatever suits your fancy. After all, I only named them Time, Charge, and Prickles because it was better than calling them "the blue one, the orange one, and the green one." The Multipurpose Magic Token sheet gives you labels to make ten Poison/Charge counters and ten TIme/Prickles counters.

Absolute P/T

One Absolute P/T sheet will let you field up to ten separate 1/1 or 2/2 creatures, which makes attacking with partial groups or keeping track of variable amounts of +1 enhancements much easier. The sheet also gives you two 0/1 (flips to 1/0) tokens, five 3/3 (flips to 4/4) tokens, and three 5/5 (flips to 6/6) tokens. Although intended to be used with the Mana tokens as part of the Universal Token Creature system, if you've got something else in mind, go for it.


Each half-size Mana sheet will let you make four tokens in each of the five colors: green, white, red, black, and blue, when assembled as per the standard technique. There's an alternative which will let that same sheet give you up to eight of any one color at a time. Details on the assembly patterns can be found on the More About PennyGems page. Use these as part of the Universal Token Creature system, as awesome life counters for your color-themed deck, or anything else that suits your fancy.

Metamorph Cards

If you bought your Absolute P/T and Mana tokens separately, or just want to have some extra Metamorph cards for your Universal Token Creature kit, here is a double-pack of 18 Metamorph cards. Just like the ones that come in the Kit, these cards have two 'front' sides: one with the normal Metamorph flavor text, the other includes "Flying" as an attribute.

*"Magic: The Gathering" is a registered trademark of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Neither Magical PennytGems nor Improbable Objects are affiliated with or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast.