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Here you will find a number of singular PennyGem designs, from the imminently practical to the nearly pointless.


More than any other statistic, games love to make you track damage. Tabletop miniatures games track damage to figures, trading card games have life points, role players track hit points, and on and on. The Wound/Damage PennyGem series is ideal for tracking hits/blood/damage/life/physical trauma or other such attribute. Since they easily stack up to 5 tokens high, each stack can conveniently represent 10 points, or you can use the Jumbos to track larger damage values. Easy to read, easy to change, hard to knock over or mess up (unlike, say, dice); PennyGems are exceptionally well suited for damage tracking. 

Regular (40 tokens)

The Wound set has two variant designs. Half of the labels have one red droplet; the other half have two. (The one-droplet side is identical to the icon side of the red PennyGem from the Universal series, except the Universal version is a black droplet on a red background, and the Wound droplet is red on a black background.) This sheet lets you make twenty one-point wound counters and twenty two-pointers, or you can make forty counters that can flip over from one to two points. It's up to you. Either way, they're an outstanding way to track damage in a wide variety of games.

Critical Wounds (8 jumbo tokens)

If the standard Wound token PennyGems aren't bloody enough for you, if you're dealing out mayhem wholesale, then maybe you need these Wound JumboGems, which show five or ten points of damage each.

JumboGems are special oversized PennyGems, about 2.5cm in diameter. (Just under one inch.) Like regular PennyGems, JumboGems are shipped “some assembly required,” you'll need to stick the labels on a coin. However, with JumboGems the metal disk is included. Every sheet of JumboGems comes with eight copper-plated disks. The JumboGem Wound set includes enough labels to create 8 JumboGems, which you can assemble either as eight double-sided 'Gems (five points on one side, ten points on the other) or as four five-point tokens and four ten-point tokens.


The Dichotomy set has labels in two colors: black and white. Each sheet includes enough labels to create forty PennyGems. You can either make twenty black and twenty white tokens, or you can make forty tokens that are black on one side and white on the other. Think of the first option as making stones for playing Go, and the second one for making Reversi (aka Othello) pieces. The Dichotomy labels include small triangular "notches" to distinguish them from a black or white PennyGem from the Primary set that's laying icon-side-down.

Hearts & Minds

Brains! And not just brains, but brains inside a clear dome! And not just brains inside a clear dome, but GLOWING brains inside a clear dome! Yes, it's glow-in-the-dark PennyGems, featuring brains. Each sheet of forty labels will let you make twenty Brain PennyGems. The front of each token has a brain, and on the back side, there's a heart. Oh, not a valentine heart, no! A human heart! Thump thump...thump thump.

Ahem. Where was I? Oh, yes. The phosphorescent vinyl is just like you remember from being a kid; put it under strong light to charge it up and enjoy that greenish glow.

Even in normal light, these are still awfully fun. Track your score in Zombie Dice, have the ultimate tokens for The Great Brain Robbery, spend and gain psionic points. Because of the heart on the back, these are super-perfect with Arkham Horror & Eldritch Horror for tracking physical wounds and/or mental damage. Whether bleeding out or going mad, you'll easily track your progress.


The ultimate magpie attractor. An Octarine sheet includes enough labels to create 20 PennyGems that show off a dazzling rainbow effect. Octarine is designed to supplement a standard 8-color set of PennyGems.