PennyGems for Magic: the Gathering

Relative P/T

There are well over 1,000 different Magic: the Gathering* cards that contain the phrase "Put a +1/+1 token..." in their card text. At long last, this previously mythical token can be yours! The heart of the Magical PennyGems collection is the Relative P/T (power/toughness) sheet, which makes sixteen +1/+1 tokens that flip to become -1/-1 tokens, three +1/0 tokens that flip to 0/+1, and one -1/0 that flips to 0/-1.

Yes, we know that Wizards has said they're never going to call for  +1/0 again. Even if you believe that they'll never, ever change their mind, you'll still need a few asymmetric tokens unless you're also positive you'll never ever play Magic with cards printed before 2015.


The +1/+1 is, of course, by far the most commonly used token. There are over fifty other token types that have appeared in various releases. To help meet your non-P/T token needs, we offer a sheet of multipurpose tokens: four different designs to use as you like. The multipurpose sheet gives you ten Poison tokens that flip to "Time,"  and ten "Charge" tokens that flip to "Prickles." Time, Spin, and Prickles are just magic-ish abstract symbols; use them to represent whatever tokens you might need at the time. (Time is the blue one that looks like three wings, because time flies. Charge is the orange one, Prickles is the green one.) Poison's design goes with the icons on the Mana sheet. 

Universal Token Creature System

While playing a game of Magic: the Gathering, you might find you need to make one (or four, or a dozen) Squirrels (green 1/1 creatures), or Angels (white 4/4 creatures), or Birds (blue 2/2 creatures), but you don't have enough of the right token creature cards to deploy them all. Instead of trying to keep track of your creatures by sticking dice on them to show how many you have, you can just take a card (an upside-down card from your sideboard, an index card, or one of my double-faced Metamorph cards), and place a green mana PennyGem and a 1/1 absolute P/T token on it, and presto! A Squirrel. Or set down a white mana 'Gem and a 4/4 AP/T token and ding! an angel, or a blue mana token and a 2/2 AP/T and shazam! a Bird. 

Absolute P/T, Mana

The Absolute P/T (Power/Toughness) tokens include values from 1/1 to 6/6, plus two 0/1:1/0's just in case. The Mana sheet makes tokens in the five colors of  mana, four each. 

Metamorph Cards

All you need to have to make your own token creatures are the Absolute P/T and Mana counters, but if you get them bundled in the kit, I include “Metamorph” cards as a bonus. They have a “1/1” strength on them already, which you can easily revise with the Absolute counters, and the back side is identical, except for the addition of “Flying” as an ability. 

Historical Note

Yes, the Metamorph card is styled like the old-school Magic cards, not the revised design used currently. That's because I helped create the original look when I was the production manager at Wizards of the Coast back when Magic first came out, so it was easy for me to replicate the look. 

On the other hand, I did not replicate the mana symbols, even though I also helped create those. Aside from the significant time and effort required to clear any legal issues, I figured I could come up with something better. I think my alternative images capture the flavor of the five colors very well, present a much more cohesive look, and still do their job very well. I hope you agree.


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