If you've got the moves, you need the bling. Whether you're building the baddest ICE fort on the 'Net, or you're about to unleash network napalm on some sleazy corp's pile of slush, you should have gear that shows you've got style as well as substance. You should have Netrunner PennyGems tokens.

Do they really look as good in person as they do in the pictures? No, they're better. Customers have said "the pictures look flat but the real [ones] feel more alive ... the incredible blue-green credit and blue recurring revenue tokens look probably 2x better in reality than in the pictures. Even something as minor as the green blip on the brain damage token looks cool in reality," "you weren't lying about the pictures not doing them justice," and "these things are fantastic. Playing netrunner without them now is like eating cardboard."

Oh, but they're functional as well as decorative. The clear dome is soft and grabby, not glassy. People frequently assume they're magnetic, but they're not. The dome is also virtually indestructable. Acetone? Gasoline? Hydrochloric Acid? Mountain Dew? Pizza sauce? Just wipe them off and PennyGems are as good as new.