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I'm out of stock on the Mana sheets and the Relative P/T sheets, which means the Magical Kits are sold out as well. Sorry. 

Universal Token Creature Kit

While playing a game of Magic: the Gathering, you might find you need to make one (or four, or a dozen) Squirrels (green 1/1 creatures), or Angels (white 4/4 creatures), or Birds (blue 2/2 creatures), but you don't have enough of the right token creature cards to deploy them all. Instead of trying to keep track of your creatures by sticking dice on them to show how many you have, you can just take a card (an upside-down card from your sideboard, an index card, or one of my double-faced Metamorph cards), and place a green mana PennyGem and a 1/1 absolute P/T token on it, and presto! A Squirrel. Or set down a white mana 'Gem and a 4/4 AP/T token and ding! an angel, or a blue mana token and a 2/2 AP/T and shazam! a Bird. 

The Universal Token Creature Kit contains one Absolute P/T sheet, one Mana sheet, and nine Metamorph cards, for creating whatever token creature you might need, on the fly, and offers a 20% savings vs. the cost of buying them separately!

Historical Note

Yes, the Metamorph card is styled like the old-school Magic cards, not the revised design used currently. That's because I helped create the original look when I was the production manager at Wizards of the Coast back when Magic first came out. 

Ready-Set-Go Kit

For the serious Magic: the Gathering player, here is the Magical Ready-Set-Go Kit: a complete set of PennyGems tokens to meet your dueling needs.

  1. one Relative P/T sheet,
  2. one Multipurpose sheet
  3. one Absolute P/T sheet,
  4. one Mana sheet,
  5. nine Metamorph card

It's everything in the Universal Token Creature kit plus the Relative P/T counters and the Multipurpose sheet.

Mega Kit

Our biggest, baddest, most complete kit for M:tG. You get 

  1. one Jumbo Relative P/T sheet
  2. one GemRack
  3. one Relative P/T sheet,
  4. one Multipurpose sheet
  5. one Absolute P/T sheet,
  6. one Mana sheet,
  7. nine Metamorph card

It's everything in the Ready-Set-Go kit plus the Jumbo Relative P/T counters and the GemRack. Use the Rack to display and label whatever tokens you need to deploy. (For people playing truly token-heavy decks, consider picking up a Quartet or Primary sheet as well, for an even broader selection of assignable tokens.)