Go Stone Kits

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High-end Go stone sets sell for hundreds of dollars, and yet, you still have to be careful not to bump the table and knock the pieces out of position. Consider the virtues of PennyGems for Go: they're dazzlingly shiny, feel solid yet sensual to the touch, are very similar in shape to traditional stones, and even have a pretty good "click" when played. But unlike traditional stones, they're non-skid, have more heft, and are incredibly durable. 

Go Stones: Full Kit

This kit includes enough labels to create 362 PennyGems. You could make the traditional 181 black and 180 white tokens, but we actually would suggest you make 362 tokens that are black on one side and white on the other. Although rare, it is possible for one player to run out of stones with the traditional approach. A set of bi-colored 'Gems ensures that neither player could ever run out of stones, no matter how badly they're crushing their opponent.

Go Stones: Partial Kit

Don't worry, PennyGems never flip over accidentally. In fact, because it's so easy to make two-sided PennyGem Go stones and because they work so well, we also offer a more affordable 240-stone set. Most games will end before the players have placed 240 stones between them.

PennyGem Go stones are admittedly not traditional, but I believe that they are otherwise superior to the traditional slate or bone Go tokens in every way. They are cheaper, prettier, more durable, less slippery, and even more pleasant to hold. They're almost exactly the same diameter as standard stones, so they work beautifully on standard Go boards. 

Go Stones: Trial Kit

Unconvinced? Order the PennyGems For Go trial sheet (makes eight tokens) and try them out. If you're not satisfied, I'll refund your money.