Netrunner Kits

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You don't settle for second best. You want all the best gear, and you want it now. When you Run, even registrars tremble. Now all you need is equipment that's as good as you are. Well, you've come to the right place.

Don't believe me? That's cool, don't take my word for it. Here are some unsolicited customer comments: “awesome!," "fantastic!" "amazing," "Look great, stack great," "incredible," "these things are fantastic. Playing netrunner without them now is like eating cardboard."

Oh, but they're functional as well as decorative. The clear dome is soft and grabby, not glassy. People frequently assume they're magnetic, even though they're not. The dome is also virtually indestructable. Acetone? Gasoline? Hydrochloric Acid? Mountain Dew? Pizza sauce? Just wipe them off and PennyGems are as good as new.

Combo Kit

The Combo Kit provides a complete selection of Netrunner tokens for a corp and a runner. You get 80 PennyGem tokens and 8 JumboGem tokens. The credit tokens are worth 60 credits total. The other tokens: 6 Brain Damage, 7 Click, 6 Recurring Revenue, 5 Bad Publicity, 8 Agenda/Revelation, 16 Virus/Power, 8 Tag/MU, and 4 Penrose.

You can read a detailed explanation of all the token types on the Improbable Objects web site (, including what they're for and how to make even just a few tokens go a lot further than you'd think. The token mix is the result of a survey of nearly a hundred Netrunner players' opinions on what they'd need, and how many.

Plenty of Dough

If you're looking for a cash infusion, this is your kit. Two sheets of Netrunner Credits and one sheet of Megacredits means this kit provides 40 1-credit tokens and 8 5-credit tokens: 80 credits' worth of tokens in all. 

Cobombo Kit

It's like the regular Combo kit, but even better! The Cobombo Kit includes everything that comes with the regular Netrunner Combo Kit (one each of the Core sheet, the Peripheral sheet, the Credit sheet, and the Megacredits sheet), plus the Caïssa sheet for just $5 more!