Racks and Trays for PennyGems

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Accessories to organize, display, store, and/or identify your PennyGems


Most of the time, you don't have to worry about keeping track of which PennyGems mean what. You're the green player, and you're using the green 'Gems. However, some games can use PennyGems to stand in for commodities, or neutral units, or hundreds of other possibilities. Maybe you play a lot of trading card games, and you need to keep track of Anger and Voltage, or Disease and Famine. If only there were an easy way to keep track of which PennyGems you were using for which type of token.

Behold! The GemRack! Made from two pieces of laser-cut acrylic plastic, it holds eight PennyGems and a label card to document which Gem does what. It's just slightly smaller than a standard playing card, so it can tuck into a deck box. The PennyGems are held at an angle for better viewing, and are staggered to further improve visibility.

The slots are 10mm apart, and the label card is 25mm x 78mm (or 1" by 3", if you prefer).

GemTray (coming soon)

The GemTray is an expanded version of the trays that come with the PennyGem Sudoku board. A GemTray holds 40 PennyGems in a handy acrylic slotted tray.