What Are PennyGems?

PennyGems are the world's best game tokens. Stunning to behold and sensuous to the touch, these tokens are weighted, easy to pick up, non-skid, UV-resistant, easy to read, stackable, and nearly indestructible. Most feature brilliant jewel-like colors over dazzling metallic backgrounds, and all of them feature an extraordinary polyurethane dome, which has the clarity and polish of glass, but feels almost springy to the touch. (Some owners have reported carrying one around in a pocket now and then just so they can fondle it when they're stressed out.)

Having a domed surface on both sides means the edge of the token is raised off the surface of the table. This makes PennyGems delightfully easy to pick up, no matter how short your fingernails or how fat your fingertips. Nor will you ever have to chase a PennyGem around the table, because unlike cards, paper chits, glass beads, or acrylic tokens, the polyurethane dome has a subtle 'grab' to it. They stay where they belong, shrugging off bumped tables, windy days, or moving vehicles. 

Their remarkable stability is just one facet of their functional design. The graphics have been meticulously engineered not only to be beautiful, but also practical. Designs are crafted to ensure easy identification even under poor lighting conditions, as well as for people who are color-blind. 

Types of PennyGems

An extensive selection of designs means PennyGems can be used with a wide range of games. The designs generally fall into one of the following families:

  • Universal Kits & Sheets: Suitable to enhance a huge range of games.
  • Denominated: PennyGems with numbers, good for victory points or money.
  • Magical Kits & Sheets:  Expressly designed for use with Magic: the Gathering.
  • Netrunner Kits & Sheets: Indispensable for both Netrunner: Android and original Netrunner.
  • Chess. Not just standard chess, but also hundreds of variant forms.
  • Specialty, a catch-all category with damage counters, extra twinkly, glow-in-the-dark brains, tokens for prototyping, and other exotica.
Finally, there are Accessories for PennyGems and some special Game Boards

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