Nimbus 2100ms (Harry Potter)

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In this post-You-Know-Who era, more and more wizards are spending time interacting with Muggles. But how do you keep your flying broom handy without the Ministry of Magic coming after you for causing an incident?

The Nimbus Broom Company has the answer. Their latest state-of-the-art flying broom is the Nimbus 2100, with handling and acceleration second to none. Now the 2100 is available in a special model for wizards trying to keep a low profile: the 2100ms Muggleized Stealth broom. It has all the award-winning performance of the standard 2100, but comes with a chameleon spell built in. Only the discreet label gives it away. Muggles will believe your 2100ms is a bicycle, or an ordinary push broom, or a Swiffer, or a lawnmower. Naturally, all the standard security spells are in place to avoid having a Muggle accidentally flying into the air on your "scooter."

The label itself is only 1/4" tall in order to adhere better to a curved surface like, say, a broom handle. It's printed on a brushed metallic vinyl, and covered with a clear polyurethane dome (the same material used on PennyGems). Each label is uniquely serial numbered. Unlike the various parking stickers offered by Improbable Objects, the Nimbus label uses a permanent adhesive.

Each label is approximately 1/4 inch tall and four inches wide.