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The curious objects in the "Mindscapes" series are a set of seven laser-cut paper sculptures. Each piece is cut from a single piece of stiff paper, hand-formed to expand it, mounted to a backer board, and then sprayed with polyurethane to add stiffness and help it shed water or dust. All but one include hand-written text within the paper structure. 

These pieces are the end result of exploring the potential for cutting paper into complex shapes and reshaping the results. "Under the Pleasuredome" was the piece that inspired the series. Each one represents a mental state of being. "Fortress," for example, is clearly somebody having a pretty crappy day, and is irritated, angry, fed up, and has just had enough of other people for now. 

Each piece is a limited edition of nine. They can be acquired as a full set of all seven variations, individually, or as a subset of three, or five, or whatever. Each unit is about ten inches square.

Under the Pleasuredome

A reminder that even Xanadu was flawed, and roses have thorns. The enclosed though is "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhouch!" Make of it what you will.

Fortress of Solitude

Probably the most intricate of the set, and certainly the most angular. The caged thought is simple: "Get lost."

Go With the Flow

Perhaps a reflection of a Zen master, or perhaps the result of a hammock and a lazy summer afternoon. Whatever the cause, the result is the only work in the series with no verbalized thought captured within.

Lost and Found

The deepest, and most autobiographical of the series. This piece actually has three different sets of thoughts. The most prominent is simply "Lost." Surrounding that is an extensive swamp of worry and self-doubt, rendered in black on the dark blue background. The deepest layer of thought only appears under UV light. 

Before the Fall

Most of us cherish the privacy of our thoughts, but there are those only to happy to share everything in their head. This is the only piece in the set with a clear view right through the center to the thoughts within. 

A Happy Place

Unlike "Go With the Flow," this mind belongs to somebody that is clearly working at achieving bliss. 

Wishful Thinking

There are those souls who expend a lot of effort bemoaning how unfair life is, and how unfortunate they are, and somehow fail to notice that the common denominator of their trials and tribulations is...themselves.