Netrunner Sheets

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If you prefer to get your Netrunner tokens "a la carte" rather than in pre-designed sets, you've come to the right place.

Core (40 tokens)

If you're just getting started, you probably want the Core sheet, maybe with some Credits on the side. One Core sheet makes:

  • 6 Brain Damage*
  • 7 Click*
  • 4 Bad Publicity*
  • 4 Recurring Revenue*
  • 5 Agenda/Revelation
  • 6 Virus/Power
  • 6 Tag/MU
  • 2 Penrose/Penrose

The first four (marked with *) are flippable: you turn the token over to indicate that you've spend the revenue this turn, or that you took brain damage, or used the click, and so on. The last four types have one kind of token on one side, and a different one on the other. If you're wondering what the heck a Penrose token's for, or Revelation, we're happy to explain the details. The token mix is the result of a survey of nearly a hundred Netrunner players' opinions on what they'd need, and how many.

Peripheral (20 tokens)

The Peripheral sheet specifically boosts the Virus/Power token count, as well as kicking in a few more of some of the others, to give you more of what you might want more of:

  • 10 Virus/Power
  • 1 Bad Publicity
  • 2 Recurring Revenue
  • 3 Agenda/Revelation
  • 2 Tag/MU
  • 2 Penrose/Penrose

Credits (20 tokens)

Twenty credit tokens that flip to become advancement tokens. 

Megacredits (8 jumbo tokens)

If you want a bigger pool of credits without spending a lot of credits to get it, the Megacredits sheet provides eight 5-credit tokens.

Caïssa (8 jumbo tokens)

Special jumbo tokens for use with Caïssa.