Tyrell Corporation (Bladerunner)

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Why, yes, Replicants are absolutely the state-of-the-art in synthetic life forms!

Parking Decals (3 Designs)

Let the world know that you're working on the cutting edge when you put these parking decals in the corner of your windshield. Tyrell's a big company, so there are a couple of different options for which department you're in.

  • "Inventory Retrieval" is for those of you who love getting out of the office, preferring the security/enforcement aspects.
  • If you're more the "mad scientist" type, check out the "Research and Development" version (almost out of print!), or
  • if you like your science a bit more hands-on, maybe you need "Biomedical Engineering."

Each parking decal is uniquely serial numbered, and is printed on special static cling vinyl, so it can be removed or repositioned as often as you like. The printing is done with fade-resistant waterproof soy-based inks. Each design is a limited edition of 100.

Each label is approximately two inches (51mm) tall and two inches (51mm) wide. 

Asset Tag

If you're hauling around a company laptop, tablet, or cell phone, then you know corporate IT likes to keep tabs on their equipment, or rather, ID numbers, so any gear they issue to employees will have a company asset tag attached, with the usual serial number and corporate logo. 

Asset Tags are printed using the same soy-based inks and adhesive vinyl used for applying advertising to the outside of busses, so they're waterproof, fade-resistant, and aggressively adhesive. They can be removed again if necessary, but should not be considered re-usable/repositionable. Each tag is about 1 inch (25mm) tall and 2 inches (50mm) wide.