Positive-lock Game Screens

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Nearly every game that needs you to be able to hide something does it the same way: a stiff piece of paper with two folds. When you first get them, the screens are stiff, and try to straighten out, and then they fall over. After a while, the hinges break in, and then they're okay, as long as you put the sides at just the right angle. Too wide; they fall over. Too narrow, and you don't have any room. Then, later, that paper hinge wears even further and gets all flippy-floppy. The slightest nudge causes it to swing out, and fall down. They're awful!

Improbable Objects' game screens are different. Fold the sides in, fold the top down, push the sides out. The sides lock in place, so they're always at the ideal angle for stability from the day you first fold it until the day it's so worn out that the side actually falls off, and then a bit of tape will have it working like new. As a bonus, the same 'roof' flap that locks the sides in place also greatly helps in keeping your secret bits secret without requiring the screen be so tall that it, that's right, falls over. 

Whether it's Tigris & Euphrates, Gloria Mundi, Keyflower, Noblemen, Alchemists, Chaosmos, Roll for the Galaxy, or even Upwords or Scrabble, these screens will keep working perfectly long after any normal screen will have driven you mad with frustration. 

The Game Screen Kit comes with six screens in six different colors, laser-cut from a heavy pearlescent-finish paper. Each screen is approximately 6.5 inches wide at the front, 2 inches deep, and 3 1/4 inches tall. (16.5 cm wide, 5cm deep, and 8cm tall.)