Folding Puzzle Greeting Card Kits

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In this age of digital everything, getting an actual, physical card in the mail is more special than ever. Now you can take the art of sending greeting cards to a whole new level with these Folding Puzzle Greeting Cards. The precision laser-cut puzzle looks completely random, but by following a few simple instructions, in five to ten minutes the recipient will reveal the hidden message. 

Each puzzle card comes with instruction sheet and envelope. Write a message on the instruction card (or include a separate sheet if you want to send a longer letter), tuck it and the puzzle into the envelope, and mail it off! The puzzle "amoebas" themselves are cut from carefully selected premium papers that gracefully handle being folded and refolded should somebody find they need to rewind or start over while solving it.

Happy Birthday (5 cards)

The "Happy Birthday" cards feature a pearlescent metallic paper for the puzzle itself, an instruction card in a contrasting but complementary color, and an envelope in which to mail the above items to whomever's having a birthday. Note that the animated example was not made with the metallic paper now used. (It will be replaced with a newer animation at some point.)


A "Happy Birthday" kit contains parts for five cards, one each in 

  • Gold
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple

The glittering metallic paper is extremely hard to photograph; the colors seen in the photos at left are only very approximate.

Awesome (6 cards)

The "Awesome!" cards feature a dual-colored paper for the amoeba and an instruction card on paper the same color as the light side of the amoeba, plus the envelope in which to mail the above items to the lucky recipient. When you put the completed puzzle down on the blank back side of the instruction card, the frame blends in with the background, leaving the "Awesome!" dramatically revealed.


The "Awesome" kit contains six cards, two each of three colors:
  • Crimson letters on a bright pink background
  • Navy blue letters on a sky blue background
  • Orange letters on a yellow background

Frequently Thought Questions

Are the instruction cards always the color shown in the photographs? For the Awesome cards, yes, but not necessarily for the Happy Birthday cards. The blue Birthday looks good with both the yellow and the red instruction cards, for example, and instruction cards might become light gray at some point. 

It looks like a hard puzzle! What if the person I send it to can't solve it? That would be a bummer if the card recipient didn't get to find out what the message was, right? I have done extensive field testing of these puzzles; they're actually easier to solve than they look. Also, the instruction card includes a URL to a page that provides extra help and even a full solution if needed.